Issue 108 : Chris Haslam - Ollie to fakie. photo Sergio Alvarez



Concrete Skateboarding

Magazine Covers


We've worked on over 50 issues of Concrete Skateboarding over the past 8 1/2 years. Each cover  documents the progression of skateboarding at a particular point in time. Here are just a handful of our favourite covers that we've had the pleasure of designing over the years.

Issue 115 : Corey Klim - backside flip. photo Brian Caissie

Issue 113 : Cory Wilson - 360 flip to fakie. photo Brian Caissie

Issue 112 : Ian Twa - crooked grind pop out. photo Brian Caissie

Issue 110 : Ryan Decenzo - wallride nollie bigspin. photo Mike Stanfield

Issue 105 : Lee Yankou - smith grind. photo Dan Zaslavsky

Issue 100 : Deer Man Of Dark Woods - pivot to fakie. photo Brian Caissie

Issue 97 : Nate LaCoste - frontside nosegrind. photo Brian Caissie

Issue 96 : Gailea Momolu - nosegrind. photo Rich Odam

Issue 86 : Colin McKay - gap to nosegrind. photo Jody Morris